This is a comprehensive service of organization of cargo or passenger transportation based on rent of full aircraft capacity to meet individual requirements of customer with regards to timing and route.


It is important to choose carefully who to entrust the organization of air cargo transportation to meet the customer needs at the most.

The world market of freight-forwarding services is quite saturated, but not all companies have enough both expert competencies and practical knowledge to organize turn-key charter solutions. Often turning their services simply to resale of a charter flight, they leave the customer alone with the airlines and other participants requirements to provide the necessary accompanying procedures which vary on the cargo type, flight geography and other factors inherent in every situation.

The AviaPlus company differs advantageously from others with its ability to foresee all the possibilities and combine all the key factors. This specialized, industry-focused approach determines the success and high-performance of air transportation services for various cargo types according to the customer requirements. Only in this case the cost-effective, safe and timely airfreight can be guaranteed.


Time-critical cargo - strict time
limitations (state transportation,
emergencies, humanitarian aid, disruption
of production or delays in installation
or commissioning, high penalty
sanctions, etc.)

Transportation of oversize /
heavy-lift cargo;

Cargo sensitivity to the conditions
of transportation;

Safety considerations for both
cargo and personnel on the
entire transport route;

Transportation of specialized cargo that requires special permits or having the highest requirements for its safety (dangerous goods, live animals, artworks, etc.);

High value

Special projects with
tight timeframes

Lack of transport infrastructure along the route making it difficult to deliver the cargo by other means of transport (hard-to-reach regions - lack of suitable roads, bridges and tunnels, the presence of dangerous regions along the route, etc.);

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